Flugel Kuju



We use meat, fish and vegetables grown here in Oita.Oita prefecture, surrounded by mountains and the sea, offers a cornucopia of food. We use fresh and seasonal ingredients.We serve full-course Western-style dinners.The restaurant offers a panoramic view from its wide plate-glass windows.

※As an example of food The picture shows our various dishes.The food depends on the season.

full-course Western-stylemeals

hors d’oeuvre, soup, fish dish, meat dish, dessert, coffee We use popular brand Bungo beef for our meat dish. Bungo beef is top-quality beef coming from cows raised in the beautiful natural setting here in Oita. It has a long history.Bungo beef is appetizing and delightful to the palate.


Why don’t you have a focaccia for breakfast? Our focaccia is moist andhas a pronounced flavor.Please enjoy our food for a refreshing morning.

The restaurant gives you a sense of spaciousness.

At our spacious restaurant, you can have breakfast and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. You could get a fantastic view at night and savor fresh air in the morning at our restaurant.Please have a meal at our open restaurant.

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