Flugel Kuju

flugel kuju

Furyugeru Kuju is a resort hotel with ten detached cottages. All the rooms are suites. and separated.They have an open-air bath and an indoor bath.You can use them anytime you want. Dinner is a full-course Western-style meal.The restaurant, surrounded by panoramic plate-glass windows, will give you an open feeling. It is located at the foot of the Kuju mountain range. You can fully enjoy the grand nature of the Kuju Highlands.The hotel occupies an area of 12,000 tsubo. You can enjoy having a relaxing time.
All the rooms are suites.All of them are detached.The room is 60 square meters.There are Western style rooms with beds and Japanese style tatami rooms.It has continuously flowing pure water.There are two hot springs, one outside and the other inside.You can take a bath in them anytime you want.The area of the site is 12,000 tsubo, and there are ten cottages.
All rooms have a Gensen Kakenagashihot spring.There are two hot springs, one outside, the other inside.The spring is a hydrogen carbonate spring.In Japanese, the hydrogen carbonate spring is called “Bihada no yu” since it beautifies our skin.The hydrogen carbonate spring acts like soap and is effective for removing keratin and pore-clogging dirt.This effect makes your skin smooth and white. This action causes moisture to be released from the surface of the skin to give you a cool, refreshing feeling. So, this hot spring is also called “Seiryo no Yu” in Japanese.You can enjoy our high-quality hydrogen carbonate spring under a starry sky.
We use meat, fish and vegetables grown here in Oita. Oita prefecture, surrounded by mountains and the sea, offers a cornucopia of food. We use fresh and seasonal ingredients.We serve full-course Western-style dinners.The restaurant offers a panoramic view from its wide plate-glass windows.
At night, you will be welcomed with a beautifully lit entrance. First, please take a rest in the lobby decorated with stained glass under shiny chandeliers.Please sit on a comfortable sofa and your travel fatigue will melt away.There is souvenir store next to the lobby.You can go there to buy some souvenirs as memories of your Kuju trip.
Transport access:The hotel is a half-hour drive from the nearest station, which is Bungotaketa Station. It takes two and a half hours from Fukuoka by car.For people coming by air, it is a two-hour drive from Oita Airport and about a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Kumamoto Airport. Sightseeing Attractions in the Area:Kuju Highlands, Kuju Flower Park, Guernsey Farm, Kurokawa Hot Spring and the Taketa Road Stop (Michinoeki Taketa) are all about 15 to 30 minutes from the hotel by car.
Furyugeru Kuju is located at the foot of the Kuju mountain range.You can enjoy all four seasons. In spring, the Kuju mountain range turns pink with rhododendrons. This is a visual delight (not to be missed).From early summer, the thistles in full bloom on the hotel site are a gorgeous sight.In summer, you can enjoy grand nature by looking up at the clear blue sky in the daytimeand millions of stars at night. In fall, the entire Kuju mountain range is covered with autumn foliage.In winter, the mountains are all covered with pure white snow.Through the all seasons, we offer you healing and refreshment in a natural setting.

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